Debbie Friedman is a master and Renewal of Spirit is my all-time favorite of her albums. I listen to it to for inspiration or if I just want something beautiful to sing along to. Her captivating melodies appeal to young and old alike. My mother listens to it to relax and I play it for my infant to calm him at night. You can't miss with this album.


1. Asher Yatzar
2. Elohai N'Shamah
3. R'fa-Einu
4. Sh'ma Koleinu
5. 23rd Psalm
6. Mi Shebeirach
7. Eil Na R'Fa Na La
8. You Are The One
9. Al Tasteir
10. Lullaby
11. The Angels' Blessing
12. B'Yado
13. Hal'luyah - Psalm
14. Final Blessing

alef bet


as you go on your way

carnegie hall

live at the del

light these lights

the journey continues

best of debbie

celebrate shabbat

water in the well 1. V'Nomar L'Fanav
2. Yotzeir Or
3. The Water In The Well
4. Bishiva Shel Mala
5. V'Hu Rachum
6. Mizmor Shir 7. God My Shield
8. Devorah's Song
9. L'Ma-An Tih'Ye Li
10. Et Ha-Even
11. Hashkiveinu
12. La-Y'Hudim Hai-Ta Ora


it's you